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Do you like to customize your garage door? Read these interesting tips for ideas.

Do a visual check

According to our experts, the easiest way to tell if there are problems with your garage door is to do a visual check. Damage can easily be seen with the naked eye. You can also watch your garage door as it moves to tell if there is anything wrong, such as the opener moving to slow.

Use proper materials

Using the proper materials in cleaning or fixing things is very important. For instance, never use any other kind of lubricant not intended for garage doors. Garage door lubricants are specially formulated for hinges and tracks. If the wrong kind is used, the tracks or hinges may collect dirt, dust, and cause the garage door to jam.

Check the torsion springs

Garage doors are balanced by extension springs or torsion springs. Torsion springs are mounted above a closed door. They provide the door with its lifting power through unwinding and winding action when the door closes and opens. It is important to check torsion springs and make sure they are functioning correctly. If there are issues, contact our door experts in Oakland.

Pay attention to strange sounds coming from the door

Strange and new noises should alarm you. Although they are not always a sign of serious problems, one can never be sure before checking the whole system. Check the garage door tracks for dents see if the fasteners need tightening, lubricate parts, and take care of any problem. Our Garage Door Repair in Oakland can be of immense and valuable assistance.

Check for the lockout button if you door doesn't respond at all

If your garage door does not respond to activation by its remote or wall clicker, you or someone else may have accidently pushed the lockout switch, or left the door in manual mode. These should be two of the first things you check before moving on to inspect other electrical and mechanical failures.

Make sure that your door reverses when it should

Open your automated garage door as you normally would. Then, place a piece of wood or timber on the ground directly in the path of your door and close your door. As soon as your door touches the obstruction, it should stop its downward motion and immediately reverse. If this doesn’t happen, you should contact one of our trained technicians as it may be time to have your door serviced.

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