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Opener Testing for Reliable Performance

Safety Sensors Tests

It is best if you test the photo eyes of your automatic garage door every three to four months. This is essential since they are the main safety features preventing the door from hitting a person, animal or object on its way down during closing. There are two simple tests to perform. The first one involves opening the door fully and blocking the infrared beam connecting the sensors by placing a solid object in front of any one of them. You can use a piece of wood, a plastic can or kitchen paper roll. Then you need to run the opener with the remote control. If the sensors work fine, the door will not go down. The second test involves waving a rake or a broomstick in front of the sensors while the door moves. It should reverse when you start doing this. If the photo eyes fail any of the tests, they should be fixed or replaced.

Evaluating Opener Force

The force is adjusted at the time of the electric operator’s installation. However, the weight of the door tends to change over time primarily due to the weather conditions (moisture, heat and so on). That is why it makes sense to test the force twice a year. This involves placing an object in the door's path, this time in a way the sensors will not detect it. The object could be a wood plank or a double ladder. The door should just touch the object gently and reverse. If it hits it, the force should be reduced.

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