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If you are planning to get a new opener for your garage door, you should be well familiar with all of your options.

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Opener Types

Each system has its unique features, benefits and advantages.

*Chain Drive

The motor runs a chain, which sits inside the rail, via a set of sprockets and gears. Thanks to the strong metal chain, this type of opener is considered to be the most dependable and durable.

*Belt Drive

The design is absolutely the same as with the chain drive system. The chain, however, is replaced by a belt made from steel-reinforced rubber or polyurethane. The result is a much quieter operation and less lubrication maintenance.Garage Door Openers in New Jersey

*Screw Drive

There are no sprockets and gears. The motor has simpler connection to a metal rod sitting inside the rail. The rod is rotated to facilitate opening and closing. With fewer moving components, this opener requires less care and has a lower risk of failure.

*Direct Drive

There is no motor unit installed on the ceiling. It actually moves along the rail to operate the drive and to open and close the door. Space-saving and noise-reducing solution


Motor Options

Choosing a motor will have a major impact on the performance of the whole opener system.

*AC Motor

This motor uses the current from the house’s electrical grid directly. The result is dependable performance and a long useful life.

*DC Motor

Requires additional features to work with the home grid’s AC current, but has several advantages. The list includes smoother start and stop and quieter operation.


Opener Controls

There are various ways to run the garage door opener conveniently.

*Remote Controls

There are usually two single-button remotes included in the package. The latest models have double or triple frequency operation for minimizing the risk of interference. In case of two openers or a single one plus a gate operator, a two-button remote will be more practical.

*Wireless Keypad

Set outside the garage door, it makes entry easy and quick even if you don’t have your remote with you. Just enter the code and the opener will get the signal for lifting the door.

*Wall Button 

It’s installed inside the garage and lets you open and close the door without the remote. This is the only control which can be used for closing the unit when the safety sensors are down.


Optional Technologies 

*Battery Backup

Added to the motor unit, it supplies power when the main power is out. Each battery comes with estimated life in standby mode and number of cycles which it can perform before it dies out.

*Control Panel

Designed to replace the traditional wall button, it can come with a wide variety of features. Some of the most popular ones are motion detection sensors for turning the light on when you walk into the garage, maintenance reminders and the option for blocking all signals to the opener for higher security.

*Internet Connectivity

The opener can be connected so that you can operate it from any location at any time via a smartphone, tablet or computer which has the required app. You can monitor, open and close the door remotely over the internet.

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