Case Stories

Case Stories

Read stories shared by the customers of our garage door company to learn more about what we do.

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Our Unequalled Technicians Are Always Prepared in Handling Overhead Garage Door Problems

Solution for a Jammed Garage Door Leaving the Car Unprotected

My automatic garage door was jammed and simply wouldn’t close all the way to the floor. I got really frustrated, but didn’t dare leave it like that because I was afraid something might go wrong with my car. You’d surely agree that having a jammed garage door attracts the attention not only of neighbors, but of thieves too. I searched for a local repair company on the web and came across this one. I called them immediately and they were more than helpful over the phone.

When the technician came he didn’t waste a second of his time and checked the door very carefully. He discovered that one of the tracks was bent and was responsible for the door jamming. The guy repaired the bent track on the spot. I noticed that he was extra careful. When he was done, the track was perfectly straight once again and I could finally close my door fully. I loved how smoothly the unit was working. It hadn’t been like that for a long time. The best part was that the technician gave me practical advice on how to keep the risk of bending low in the future. This was more than valuable for a busy person like me who rarely pays attention to the hardware at home.

Garage Door Miraculously Opening by Itself

I’m a very down-to-earth person and I don’t believe in ghosts or stuff like that, but when I noticed my electric garage door open when I came back home two days in a row, I naturally got worried. I found some information online that this kind of thing would happen when there is an air field or a military base nearby, but there is none of these in my area. The plot was thickening so to speak so I asked a friend who loves technology to help me resolve this mystery. He recommended Garage Door Repair Oakland as the best in town for dealing with any kind of problem so I called them.

Imagine my surprise when the technician told me that this kind of issue wasn’t uncommon at all. He ran some checks and confirmed the cause of the problem. Apparently, there was a short in my remote control so when I used it to close the door in the morning, it would keep emitting signal while I was driving away and this caused the unit to open. I couldn’t believe how simple the explanation was. The technician replaced the faulty remote with a new one and programmed it for me. Now I no longer have “a ghost” opening my overhead door. I’m truly relieved now.

Having a Broken Spring for the First Time

I was reading the morning paper when I heard a loud bang from the direction of my garage. My dogs were alerted too and started barking. I thought someone had hit my garage door with their car or perhaps with big SUV or a truck. I jumped out of my chair and went to see what was wrong. There was no visible sign of damage - no vehicle had hit the door. When I tried to open it with the electric operator, the motor started working, but the door didn’t go up. I ran a quick visual inspection and found the broken spring hanging above the door. A friend of mine had given me the number of this repair company so I called them.

The technician came quite quickly and got down to work straight away. He removed the broken pieces and explained that in such situations trying to lift the door with the opener or by hand was extremely dangerous. He presented the specs of the new spring to me explaining that it was strong and durable. Then he installed it in the place of the old one. I didn’t know that this component required such careful adjustment. After he was ready, he tested the replacement spring and it worked as it should.

How I Got the Ideal New Opener with Technologically Advanced Features

My new house came without a garage door opener and I simply couldn’t imagine having to lift it and lower it manually a least twice every day. Is there anyone who is still wasting precious time with something like this? I’ve always been a fan of new technology so I wanted a really fancy opener which wouldn’t cost me an arm and a leg, of course. The problem was that I had never bought such a gadget before so I desperately needed expert advice. I had made friends with my next-door neighbor pretty quickly and he recommended me this local garage door company for the installation job. When I called then, I found out that they’d help me with the shopping so this really made my day.

I asked a lot of questions and got very detailed explanations and advice. I was armed with everything necessary for picking the ideal new opener and I did. I chose a LiftMaster unit with a belt drive and Wi-Fi connectivity. The technician of this company installed it meticulously. He adjusted the settings and took care of the programming. The service was extremely professional. Now I keep an eye on my door with a special mobile app installed on my smartphone so I have perfect peace of mind that there are no intruders around. Isn’t this cool?

The Spring That Needed Replacement

I have had my garage door for around two months and during this time it had given me no headaches. Everything was working smoothly until a few days ago I started feeling that the door wasn’t moving with the same grace as it did before. It seemed a little unbalanced to me and kept producing a distinctive jarring noise which was very disturbing. I kept ignoring it for a day or two thinking that it might go away on its own but when it didn’t then I became slightly worried. I decided to check the door myself but since I had no idea of the garage door parts or their working mechanism, I wasn’t able to detect what the issue was.

Having run out of ideas on how to get my door working properly again, I thought it best to seek professional help. I called a few repair services but none of them really impressed me until I got in touch with Garage Door Repair Oakland. The professional way in which they responded to my call convinced me that this was the right company for the job. After inquiring me about my problem, they told me that a team of technician would be sent immediately to my home to find and fix the issue. They said that the team would reach my location within ten minutes.  

True to their word, the technical team was at my door step within ten minutes and began their inspection of my door. They were able to pinpoint the issue instantly upon seeing the movement of the door and listening to the jarring sound it was producing. The overhead door spring was at the root of the problem which was causing the door to become unbalanced, resulting in the jarring noises. The technicians explained to me that the spring had become worn out due to use and needed replacing or it would break off completely and might cause an accident. 

Since I did not want an accident, I told them that they should go on and replace the spring. I was amazed to see the professionalism and the precision in which they removed the worn out spring and replaced it with an identical new one. After the broken spring was replaced, they tested the door to make sure that it was working perfectly. The whole exercise took just a little over an hour and I was able to get back to my routine in no time.

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