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Our gate repair services range from fixing hinge welding to advanced openers. We work with swing and sliding gates of all sizes, designs and makes. The maker is irrelevant.

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Timely Swing Gate Repair

Gate RepairRegular maintenance is essential for keeping swing gates in good shape, but this doesn’t mean that you are completely protected from trouble. If an issue arises, count on us to deal with it. In case your unit is uneven, difficult to open and close and/or overly noisy, the hinges are most likely to blame. We’ll check them to find out what’s wrong. Usually, greasing and adjustment are sufficient for resolving the issue. When it is more serious, you can rely on us for effective repair, no matter if it includes fixing the welding or straightening a bent section. Our recommendation to homeowners is to watch out for damage or sinking of the posts. These are serious problems which we can solve timely.

Troubleshooting the Opener

It’s more than frustrating when you have to open the gate by hand because of a malfunctioning opener. The good news is that you can count on us for quick repair. We’ll examine the system and test it to pinpoint the cause of the problem. In case of a sliding gate, a broken chain is among the most common issues. Count on us to replace it without delay. This is also the solution for a faulty motor or photo eyes. If you have a malfunctioning clicker, we can readily fix it or change it, depending on how bad the situation is. Our gate repair services cover openers of all types. We work with all major brands without exception.

Fixing Malfunctioning Intercoms

The intercom may not seem to be the most important part of an automatic gate system, but you should remember that it is essential for security. If you experience any problems with it, rely on us for professional repair. Our check and tests will reveal if the transmitter or receiver doesn’t work like it’s supposed to and, if necessary, fix it with maximum precision. If the intercom system has failed, our company is available to install a new one for you. Programming is part of the service.

If you are worried about the condition and/or performance of your gate, reach “Garage Door Repair Oakland” and we will assist you fully. 

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